Wednesday, January 2, 2008

some weird song poem thing I wrote!

I'm not a poet, nor am I a song writer. but lately I've had a lot on my mind. last year was a really hard on me both physically and emotionally. I found out I'm going to be completely blind before I am 25 (it seemes like a long time but its not. and that's if I'm really lucky). and it can all go in 2 years to 2 hours. its very iffy and scary.

BUT that's not all. I suffered a major concussion about 3 weeks later. that triggared something that didn't show up until about 3 months ago. I was looseing strength fast. and I started having Headache's that never went away. I was weak, dizzy and shaking all the time. then I had a series of seizures. I had something called Chiari 1 malformation. they don't normally operate on it. but my was so server that they didn't have a choice. I had brain surgery the day before thanksgiving.

AND I also broken my left hand 3 times. My left finger 2 time in a six week peroid. and pinch a nerve in my lower back.

so yeah last year was really hard. I am determined to have a better year. today I was hit with this emotion. I spent about 10 minutes writing something down. so here what I wrote....

my life isn't easy, but yet who's is
I have nothing to hide, but a lot to cry, about somethings that I did,
but when I asked I would get the answer

The road is hard
the road is long
but its a test to see how strong you really are.
the road is wide
the road is rough
and that's why you should alway's fallow me.

I didn't believe, I tried to hard to lead,
then I fell over a unseen brick
I picked up and tried to move on,
but nothing seemed to work
I fought a bear,
I fell down stairs,
but when I asked I got the same answer..

the road is hard
the road is long
but it's a test to see how strong you really are
the road is wide
the road is rough
but that is why you should always fallow me...

I let go
I gave in
I gave hin the spot that was really his
I learned to fallow
I learned to listen
and now i don't ask why....

Why's the road hard
Why's the road long
I see now it's test to see how strong you really are.
Why's the road wide
Why's the road rough
and that's why we should fallow him.

like I did


Cora said...

Hey Alex, that was a really wonderful poem. It really says what you've been through, hasn't it?

My prayers are always with you.

~Jen (Cora from BtN)

ragdoll said...

Alex, really beautiful writing. Don't let go of expressing yourself that way.

Ragdoll Billie