Tuesday, January 8, 2008

busy busy day....

well I had my first day back a school! It was pretty good considering, I did a lot of running around, arguing with one teacher. but that's about it. I went to chemistry and learned something (I was pleased that I wasn't that far behind). I also went to french and set a new class record by earning the most "faux euros" in one class. I ended up with a grad total of 32! and I haven't even worked on french in months! then I went to Geometry which wasn't bad considering.

There was just one problem the whole day. I've been out of school since my chiari surgery (day before thanksgiving) and my neck is still really tight. I will be for some time. but I read print at this weird angle (because its the only way I can see it) While I was in this position my neck "spazed" I felt this twinge shoot up my neck. It was really painful. I don't know what I'm going to do about it. but I can't do that everyday. I happened several times, and all of which brought tires to my eye's. I talked to my swim coach about it, and he gave me a pass to see the school trainer for an "ice message" I just might do that. If I can find the time:) but other than that. All's well.

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ragdoll said...

Good going, Alex! One day down, here is today. Anxious to hear what today will bring you. Hope you get that neck relaxed, or whatever the problem. I have a neck problem, too, because my neck muscles are not strong enough to support my head. Well, not without pain to my neck that is. My brain shoots out messages to my muscles, but there is a break in there and my muscles do not get the message, so whenever I try to use them, they just sit there. LOL That is where my pain comes from. Poor little muscles, huh????? LOL We gotta laugh girl! Our bodies, at least parts of them, are not going to change. We gotta deal with 'em!

Have a good day
Ragdoll Billie