Sunday, January 13, 2008

extremely annoyed...


I'm so pissed at my teacher's, One teacher rather. she gave me alot of work while I was out, which as far as know I turned in. Then i go into class wondering why I had a 31 in her class. wouldn't you be inquiring too? she told me I was missing something a 8 homework assignments! YIKES, so I've been spending the past 3 days taking any spair time, doing boring ole geometry. I really dispize this subject. its so stupid. Oh and don't give me "you'll use it when you get older" no way unless I become a high school geometry teacher (which I can honestly say I won't) I will never us this in my life.

hum I think I'm going draw a circle with lines around it and in it let me see if I can figure out the angle the lines meet, Oh and to make it even more fun lets find the arcs in the circle too. *sigh*

in addition to that the textbook isn't good for anything except for the homework assignments. You can't go back and learn it, unless you learned it in class, and you just need a "brain trigger". so I can't do one of my assignments because I can't figure it out.

then I have a final review which is pointless other than a esay grade, seeing as I'm not taking her final.

again Grrrr...


talk to you later

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