Saturday, January 12, 2008


yesterday my friend asked me if I wanted to spend the neight. I having nothing better planned said yes. So I get to her house, here the check list of things we did:

we watched t.v.,
goofed off,
ate cesar salad, and chocolate cake,
watched more t.v.,
did each others hair,
goofed off some more,
worked out(yes we know we're weird),
stayed up until 3 am talking

all in all It was a classic Friday night girl friend sleepover:)

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ragdoll said...

How was school Friday, Alex? Sounds like you and your friend had a fun night. You won't believe it, but it sounds a lot like the nights I spent with my girlfriends in the 50s. We used to put stacks of 45 records on to play, and usually sat on the bed talking till all hours of the night. I like to hear of you girls' sleep overs because it reminds me of mine a looooooong time ago. LOL This is a time to have fun in your life, in addition to your school and swimming!

Ragdoll Billie