Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've had a blst these past few days!

on thursday I went on a VI retreat to a place called camp Tyler. Its this camp that is run for the local school district for anything they need it for. they have a working farm, zip line, rope course, louge, huge lake with swimming/fishing/ and boating as possible activities, tons of trails, and cool workers. I've been there at least 15 times in my life and the novelty never wears off.

so this weekend I was up there for this VI retreat. there were 18 kids ranging in age from 6-17. It was really fun.

on Thursday we got to do the zip line. I have been on this thing many times so I've gotten over my fear of the height at which you let go so I asked the people who were hiking me up how to make this more exciting. there response "how 'bout a flip" Me: "okay" they told me how and I jumped off and preformed a 180 degree and hung like a bat for the remainder of the ride. It was so much fun! plus I gave my teachers and friends a heart attack after all I just had brain surgery.

then we went to the ti pee were we had a camp fire with hot dogs and smoors. that was also cool. we got back to the cabin at about 7:00 and the girls proceeded in having a mattress surfing contest. Of which I lost sceptically. then we listened to music and played boards games with the younger girl who were extremely cute. the older girls (aka the all-nighters) got a whole wing to are selves and talked until 3 in the morning.

the next day we got up to a sever thunderstorm. we have to clean get ready, clean and pack before breakfast. so we had fun having pillow fights, sweeping and making the pre-Medina clean the bathroom (hey I've done my time). the breakfast homemade biscuits and gray yummy and the worlds best hot chocolate. the rain had stopped by now so we got ready to go the farm to ride horses. they run a small refuge for horses there. they take care of something like 30 horse about 15 are retired race horse and the rest were either donated or saved from the slotter house. I have three horses that I have grown attached too. Coco, Sister, and Amigo. sister was donated by a monestary hints the name. Coco was born at camp Tyler and Amigo is a retired race horse that will never run again if he had his way.

I got to ride coco Mama bear allowed me to Gallup in a near by fleid. and then I got to lead sister and Amigo with some of the less sighted and unconfortable kids. Next year I doubt I'll be able to have this job again.

we also got the see the other animals on the farm including a chick hatching (a completely blind girl got to feel it it was really awsome to watch), milking a cow, feed the chickens of all things crambled eggs (yes we know the cannibals), the bunny rabbits, goats, and pigs all got a visit too.

Then we went back to the loge and ate lunch. We left 2 hour later. when I came back to school I wasn't allowed to go home because I pormised a teacher I would come do a private tutorial with her. We did what we needed to do and talked for like 20 minutes on things completely unrealated to chemistry (she's so ADHD). I came home after that made supper for my brother and sister and dad. then I had to go shopping for a wedding present for a couple that is getting married tomarrow. and my moms away on business until hopeful later today. We settled on a bathroom set (tooth brush holder, soap dispenser, garbage can, and cleanex cover). then we had it gift wrapped and we went to star bucks. I had a mint chocolate chip brownie and a grapefruit Izze. meanwhile me and my dad were having a bet to see if my brother had noticed if we were gone. I bet it wouldn't notice. then just 2 blocks form being home he called. I lost 40 dollars grrr. I came home and crashed at like 8:30.

So how was your past few days?