Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You can laugh...but I feel like crying!

I think I sprained my ankle. not sure yet..but about 80% sure. So you want to know how I did it? Warning the lamest injury story ever!

I was spinning in my desk chair (you know jamming to my music) with my legs crossed my left foot was sticking out a little. I pull off my desk and spin really hard then... my left catches my desk drawer knocking it off its hinges. I felt my ankle stretch? it popped some. I took me a few seconds to realize that i was still spinning. my foot was holding the unhinged drawer.

yeah see what I mean LAME!

you know most people have interesting stories about how they got hurt but no I "hit my desk drawer"

It's a little swollen Burns and aches a little bit but I don't think its horrible I worried about the fact that it popped which I've never felt before.

I'm also worried because I have regional in a week so *IF* I really did hurt it I can't swim regionals which I'm going to be really pissed about.

so yeah you can laugh at my lame excitement

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I didn't have to be me til tomorrow.....

Well technically I did but Its a song that I've fall in love with called "I don't have me" by Steve Azar.

This weekend's been great with the carb dinner on Friday night (which was a ton of fun) and the meet yesterday. Today's also been nice. I went to church this morning, then grocery shopping to help my mom out (she messed up her shoulder and *might* have to have surgery...more on that later) then I went to the mall. I needed some jeans but I "somehow" managed to get three shirts that I might have found with my friends or I mean "I never knew were on sale mom, but there really cute and if you want to buy them I'm not complaining" *wink*. After that i came home and cooked with my mom and played dress up or figuring out what shirts match with what pants, jackets, shoes, jewelry, and maybe sun glasses and hat to? What? that's not weird or anything right? then chilled out for the rest of the day.

I don't want it to be Monday to marrow...*sigh*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I had my first swim meet in 5 months today!

I was are districts meet (the third biggest meet of the year) It can be the end of the road for a few people, because reagionals is next and every one's entered as individuals. but It wasn't for me! I swam the 500 yard freestyle and 100 yard butterfly. in the 500 I went a 6:47 which earned me a bronze medal. I also swam a best time in the 100 butterfly. I'm really proud of myself!

overall are team crushed the competition. the boys won with a 140 point lead and the girls won with a 106 point lead.

after the meet we went to Chili's to celebrate!

the semester has started and I'm already behind in chemistry *sigh*. but other than that all is well! We're are starting Julius Cesar in english (which frankly I couldn't care less), and I started Food Science which i can only pray will be beter than Nutrition. I got my report card this week I got A and B+'s and just one C+ but that's in Geometry so I'll that go. My grade average is 90.1 I have to bring that up to a 93 to be in honor society next year.

my sibling's are being annoying as ussual so I have to go

talk to you later.

Sunday, January 20, 2008 what?

I don't know what to do with myself. I (for once in like a year) have no school work to be done. I can't go swimming. I went to church, cleaned my room, did my chores. so what next? I think I'll make something clay to day. while listening to the radio, maybe play some tertis? yeah I think I'll do that....

Friday, January 18, 2008

And...its over!

my grades are final! I've officially pasted everything! I had a little heart attack though. I failed my french final horribly, but thanks to my IEP I was exsempt from my finals so if the grade didn't help me (like it was going to help a A+ average) they didn't have to count it. I'll post my grades soon.

to celebrate the end of the semester me and 4 other friends went to TGIFridays which was fun.

talk to you later after my 4 day weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm so close

I can see the light at the end of tunnel! Its getting brighter everyday. I'm so close to finishing this semsaster, and get on with everything. I got a lot done today. I...

did a six weeks test
finished my nutrition class
finished and turned in a Alexander the Great project.
started my french final
learned and get stoinomitry in chemistry.
started homework

tomorrow I have to....
finish my french final
do my world history final
finish my homework
finish the six weeks test
...and I home free!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

extremely annoyed...


I'm so pissed at my teacher's, One teacher rather. she gave me alot of work while I was out, which as far as know I turned in. Then i go into class wondering why I had a 31 in her class. wouldn't you be inquiring too? she told me I was missing something a 8 homework assignments! YIKES, so I've been spending the past 3 days taking any spair time, doing boring ole geometry. I really dispize this subject. its so stupid. Oh and don't give me "you'll use it when you get older" no way unless I become a high school geometry teacher (which I can honestly say I won't) I will never us this in my life.

hum I think I'm going draw a circle with lines around it and in it let me see if I can figure out the angle the lines meet, Oh and to make it even more fun lets find the arcs in the circle too. *sigh*

in addition to that the textbook isn't good for anything except for the homework assignments. You can't go back and learn it, unless you learned it in class, and you just need a "brain trigger". so I can't do one of my assignments because I can't figure it out.

then I have a final review which is pointless other than a esay grade, seeing as I'm not taking her final.

again Grrrr...


talk to you later

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reba? I think you wrote my theme song...

seriously this is *my* life story. well except for the single mom, with two jobs part. unless you consider school and swimming my *job* and my pets my *kids* then there you go:)


yesterday my friend asked me if I wanted to spend the neight. I having nothing better planned said yes. So I get to her house, here the check list of things we did:

we watched t.v.,
goofed off,
ate cesar salad, and chocolate cake,
watched more t.v.,
did each others hair,
goofed off some more,
worked out(yes we know we're weird),
stayed up until 3 am talking

all in all It was a classic Friday night girl friend sleepover:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

yet another poem....

Whats wrong with me. I hate English! I always have. So why now am I popping these poems out?
Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird with broken wings.
At times I dream that I'll be where I've been.
But that's when quiet wisdom takes control.
At least I've got a story no one's told.I've finally learned to say, whatever will be will be.
I've learned to take the good the bad and breathe.
Cuz although we like to know what life's got planned,
no one knows if shooting stars will land.These days it feels like you put your faith in hope.
To imitate a child fallen backwards on the snow.
Cuz that's when feeling usually leaves you lying.
But now I try to under realize...Whatever will be wil be.
I've learned to take the good, the bad, and breathe. cuz although we like to know what life's got planned, no one knows if shooting stars will land.Is the road I walk wearing thin?
Is the life I love caving in?
Is the weight on your mind a heavy black bird, patience...Say, whatever will be will be. Take the good the bad, just breathe! Cuz although we'd like to know what life's got planned, no one knows if shooting stars will land. I've finally learned to say, whatever will be will be. And I have learned to take the good, the bad and breathe. Cuz although we like to know what life's got planned, things like that are never in your hands.

No one knows if shooting stars will land.

Today was really good. I had a ARD meeting and one of my teacher's (the same one that I had a argument with on Tuesday) put me down in front of my dad. which took some explaining to cover. Good thing I had my VI teacher who knew the situation that helped me out. I also made another discovery. Schools a lot easier when your not in pain. Today I was put under some stress, and both times I didn't have a killer headache and I didn't go into a seizure! it was so refreshing. I could think things through. I was nice....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

busy busy day....

well I had my first day back a school! It was pretty good considering, I did a lot of running around, arguing with one teacher. but that's about it. I went to chemistry and learned something (I was pleased that I wasn't that far behind). I also went to french and set a new class record by earning the most "faux euros" in one class. I ended up with a grad total of 32! and I haven't even worked on french in months! then I went to Geometry which wasn't bad considering.

There was just one problem the whole day. I've been out of school since my chiari surgery (day before thanksgiving) and my neck is still really tight. I will be for some time. but I read print at this weird angle (because its the only way I can see it) While I was in this position my neck "spazed" I felt this twinge shoot up my neck. It was really painful. I don't know what I'm going to do about it. but I can't do that everyday. I happened several times, and all of which brought tires to my eye's. I talked to my swim coach about it, and he gave me a pass to see the school trainer for an "ice message" I just might do that. If I can find the time:) but other than that. All's well.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm going back to school....

I'm so happy! I can't beleive I'm saying that! but its true I want to get back ot my life. I also want to sport my new lettermen Jacket complete with patches! I spent most of today tieing up loose ends with the homebond work. As far as I know I all set. I'll be sure to write about my first day back at school tomorraw. See you then.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

sleep deprived...

and I don't know why? I'm not a night owl at all infact I rarely stay up past 10 pm. For the past three nights I've been falling asleep at about 4 or 5 in the morning. This morning I just got into a light sleep when my little sister woke up about 5:30 and gets my dog all excited. yay for my sister! So over the past 3 days I've slept about 9 hours. and I'm not even tired now. My mom said if I don't fall asleep by midnight she'll give me something to knock me out. Hey if it works it works. I'll try anything

Friday, January 4, 2008

well I feel productive

I typed all my chemistry (12 something pages worth). I wrote 3 current events, and 3 play reports. that only leaves 3 tests, 3 homework assignments for geometry and all my french, and 1 essay on "Antonge". but that it. that's not that bad right?....

On another note I had a good swim practice today. I SWAM about 750 yards and KICKED about 2,500 yards. that's been the most so far. plus I'm not even sore...

My parents are in the process of getting there U.S citizenship, because I need mine so I can fill out the paper work to compete under the U.S. flag. There's probably some technicality that I could use, but I'd feel awful competing under the wrong flag. Did you know that it cost 1,100 dollars to pay for them? I had know idea they were that expensive. know wonder its such a big issue now.

hmmm I think that's it... Oh no wait I burned my finger today with melted cheese. Okay start laughing now....

Now I think that's really it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

today was....

A pretty good day. I got COMPLETILY cleared to swim again(which means getting up and 5 am *sigh*). Oh well I'm just happy to be in the water again.

I'm really tight today. I have two knots in my shoulder and I have a couple on my neck. my mom is going to see if she can get me into a message therapist sometime this weekend.

hopefully I'll be going back to school sometime next week.

and finally the best part is.... there taking me off my anti seizure meds! I'm so happy about that. I have a lot of school work that needs to be done by Monday. So talk to you later

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

some weird song poem thing I wrote!

I'm not a poet, nor am I a song writer. but lately I've had a lot on my mind. last year was a really hard on me both physically and emotionally. I found out I'm going to be completely blind before I am 25 (it seemes like a long time but its not. and that's if I'm really lucky). and it can all go in 2 years to 2 hours. its very iffy and scary.

BUT that's not all. I suffered a major concussion about 3 weeks later. that triggared something that didn't show up until about 3 months ago. I was looseing strength fast. and I started having Headache's that never went away. I was weak, dizzy and shaking all the time. then I had a series of seizures. I had something called Chiari 1 malformation. they don't normally operate on it. but my was so server that they didn't have a choice. I had brain surgery the day before thanksgiving.

AND I also broken my left hand 3 times. My left finger 2 time in a six week peroid. and pinch a nerve in my lower back.

so yeah last year was really hard. I am determined to have a better year. today I was hit with this emotion. I spent about 10 minutes writing something down. so here what I wrote....

my life isn't easy, but yet who's is
I have nothing to hide, but a lot to cry, about somethings that I did,
but when I asked I would get the answer

The road is hard
the road is long
but its a test to see how strong you really are.
the road is wide
the road is rough
and that's why you should alway's fallow me.

I didn't believe, I tried to hard to lead,
then I fell over a unseen brick
I picked up and tried to move on,
but nothing seemed to work
I fought a bear,
I fell down stairs,
but when I asked I got the same answer..

the road is hard
the road is long
but it's a test to see how strong you really are
the road is wide
the road is rough
but that is why you should always fallow me...

I let go
I gave in
I gave hin the spot that was really his
I learned to fallow
I learned to listen
and now i don't ask why....

Why's the road hard
Why's the road long
I see now it's test to see how strong you really are.
Why's the road wide
Why's the road rough
and that's why we should fallow him.

like I did

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

what this years all about

This is my first blog here. This is my resolution for this year. You will here me talk about the ups and downs of life. As well as my swimming goal and hopeful success. Anyway any reader out there? If you want read more about me just check out my profile.