Saturday, January 26, 2008

I had my first swim meet in 5 months today!

I was are districts meet (the third biggest meet of the year) It can be the end of the road for a few people, because reagionals is next and every one's entered as individuals. but It wasn't for me! I swam the 500 yard freestyle and 100 yard butterfly. in the 500 I went a 6:47 which earned me a bronze medal. I also swam a best time in the 100 butterfly. I'm really proud of myself!

overall are team crushed the competition. the boys won with a 140 point lead and the girls won with a 106 point lead.

after the meet we went to Chili's to celebrate!

the semester has started and I'm already behind in chemistry *sigh*. but other than that all is well! We're are starting Julius Cesar in english (which frankly I couldn't care less), and I started Food Science which i can only pray will be beter than Nutrition. I got my report card this week I got A and B+'s and just one C+ but that's in Geometry so I'll that go. My grade average is 90.1 I have to bring that up to a 93 to be in honor society next year.

my sibling's are being annoying as ussual so I have to go

talk to you later.

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