Sunday, February 3, 2008

so many choices!

are choice sheet for are classes is due tomoarrow. I have no Idea What to do? should I take on level english or AP english? Should I do AP or college credit U.S. history? How about French 3 or not? should I take BCIS or wait? How about Physics AP or regular? AHHHH! What do I do? there are only 2 classes I'm dead set on and those are Psychology AP and Algebra 2 AP. everything else is up in the air. so can you help me (ragdoll? if your out there) here is the problem broken down by subject

keep in mind I'm looking into becoming a Physical Therapist with a college major in physiology.

1. English 3 AP or not?- I'm in pre AP now and getting by with B's, Its a weak subject for me all in all.

2. U.S. history concurrent or AP? I will take this at the honor level because although I don't like history per say. I'm really good at it.

3. French 3 or not? I'm in french 2 now I'm passing with A's the only problem is I'm really in a french 1 class (schedule problems) and when I took french 1 last year I had a really bad teacher. I don't feel confident in french at all. but I've always had it in my mind that I would do all 4 years. I love my current teacher and the language itself I really don't want ot drop it.

4. electives?- I have to take speech this year but I need a half credit. I think my first choice is Advertisement do you think that would be fun? I want a class that would be easy but not mindless (if you know what I mean). I want to have fun, but not be wasting my time.

5. physics AP or not?- I'm a science and math person. I'm in Pre AP chemstery now and makeing A's and B+'s.

So what do you think I should do?

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