Tuesday, February 19, 2008

high school sucks.... peroid

I just made a 56 on a test (the only one for the six weeks). My average before the test was a 67 who know how low it is now... There's a way to pass for the six weeks but It's going to require me to go to geometry every morning until next Friday. I'm willing to do it problem is...I have 2 other classes in which I 1) failing or 2) on the verge of failing because I don't get the unit.

I do my homework I don't put off projects to the last minute but I mean come on! Why!

and to top it all off I got a message yesterday night (I know that sound really Ironic, you know because messages are supposed to relax you), She worked really hard on me. Now I'm really sore, and I have to go back tomorrow (and miss more school) for the next hour of my treatment.

I know you all are going to say "can't you put off the message?" the answer is no. I'm so incredibly tense right now. not just from school but also because of the way I have to read it does a number on my neck and back. This problem has been getting worse and worse since the age of 9. I have knots the size of cherry tomatoes in my neck and shoulders. last night the lady worked out 7 knots in my left shoulder, 5 knots in my right, and at least 10 other's in various spots. when I left I had a 102 degree fever.

So this is why I very frustrated right now.

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