Friday, February 15, 2008

And the waiting game begins.....

Well I'm awaiting/praying that my citizen will be completed meanwhile I've been training like crazy.

I've been sick on and off all week, concerting that I've been doing pretty well practice. When I swim freestyle I have been able to hold 100's under 1:24 secs! 50's under 7:30! and 100 kicks under 1:42! so I'm pretty happy. I also found out yesterday that my 100 butterfly is (as of last year) ranked 13th in the world! *grins*

yesterday I had such a sugar high, I also got a long stemmed rose from a friend that's a boy. He's so sweet. I went around school holding it. everyone was asking me and I couldn't help but be secretive:) then when I got home I made my dad sweat by telling him I had a boyfriend but I wasn't going to tell him who. that was fun!

so I'm just sitting waiting I can hear the jeopardy song playing.....

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