Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter brings a new beginning.....

Well after that last post I was very upset. Then I allowed myself to get my hopes up for trying out for the canadian side. That didn't work out either. The reason? the ONlY reason I couldn't tryout is because I live in Texas and if you wanted to compete you had to declare that you were going on December 15th, But if you live inside the boarders you have until March 24th. Well I couldn't even sit up by myself on December 15th let alone think about trying out for the Paralympic team. so naturally I broke down again.

The hardest part is now I'm seeing Olympic inducements everywhere and every time I see them my heart breaks. these next 6 months are going to be hard. I know I'm going to watch the games too and that will be excrushiatingly painful.

Because I wasn't going anywhere after all I got spring break off of swimming. I used that week to really think about where I want to go and What I want to do. It was hard to force myself to move on, but at the same time I knew I must. I discided that this summer I think I'm going to focus on open water swimming. there are a few swims that I'd like to do in my life time (the English channel etc.) but I have to change the way I train to get there.

What's cool about open water is I've looked and there has not been any blind people do it. Why? I don't know, because there's no adaptations you just where a microphone in your ear and have someone tell you directions. There no walls nothing to in your way you can just swim and be free.

So I think I might do the golden gate bridge or the Escape from Alkartaz, and something in New York (lady liberty swim, brooklyn bridge swim, little red lighthouse. etc). this will kind of get my foot in the door so to speak.

Then I plan on interring the Can Am meet in Vancouver B.C. this summer and break those records. I might even go to southern zones championships for the extra compatition and the 5K open water swim.

So all in all this could have been for the best but we'll see.

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Jen said...


I think most things work out for the best if you hang in there long enough. I hope you do get to swim the English Channel. That would be amazing!

~Jen/Cora from BtN